Hassle Tassel

The freshly fallen snow
May just be a morning commute hassle.
Like a tassel that a cat toys with.
Batted and bounced around
Back and forth.
Pulled and shredded 
With differing sized strands.

One moment a cat’s delight.
Next, it’s so boring
That it’s cast aside.
No longer good enough
To keep a cat entertained.

A hassle is similar.  
It’s in our face.
We didn’t ask for it.
It feels like it’s happening to us
And now we’re confronted.

We can have our hand at it.
Try to control its frazzled edges,
Which we often do for a while.
Then the problem is solved.
The puzzle was put together
And it’s over and done with.

Not a big deal after all.
An annoyance really.
And we move on with our days.
Soon it is forgotten
Just like that cat toy.

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