Inspiration and the Sacred

Where does inspiration come from?
It can be a fleeting idea,
A word or phrase that lights me up
And I want to become the explorer
of my own inner terrain.

[The Sacred]
It happens in solitude
And when I’m out in nature.
I feel most connected to
The wisdom of my heart.

Beauty always surrounds me,
Even in the mundane and hard times.
I just have to be willing
And open to see it.

When I connect to my heart and breath,
I feel I am taking an active role in my life.
I’m not getting carried away by the rushing tide
of emotions and circumstance.

In that moment, the magic happens.
I no longer have to struggle.
I can literally go with the flow.

Again, I return to the explorer within,
Who recognizes the difficulty in truly letting go
With surrender and vulnerability.

There is peace and ultimate freedom
To find creative solutions,
To take a beat before I react,
And to connect to my inner wisdom.

How does inspiration and the sacred come to you?



The trees have
Their own story to tell.
Their roots run deep,
Slow and powerful
Beyond what my eyes can perceive.

To their wisdom.
The ever silent witness
Present to the environment,
The changing seasons,
The years come and gone,
Steady and silent.

Touch the tree bark.
Its rough outer edge.
Can I be a witness
Without that hard exterior?
Can I be vulnerable,
Exposed to all the elements
And be just as slow and powerful?

Not hardened to the lessons
But provide a shelter, 
To nest and give respite
To the quiet integration;
To take nourishment,
To be held and to hold
All who pass and take shelter?

What emerges from the wisdom?
What tales do I want to share?

The trees have their own story to tell.
If I get still and quiet,
I can hear their wisdom.