My story

How do we cope with the inevitable changes and circumstances we find ourselves in?   I share my stories honestly as an attempt to find meaning and connection.  My intention is that sharing our stories will ultimately heal ourselves and the world.  And I want to be a beacon of light to show that it is possible to find your footing and inner strength when the world seems to be in chaos.

Self-care with flair does not mean to be self-indulgent or self-absorbed. My stories are an example of real life:  a human being not a human doing.  And when we move through life with grace, we find the resilience to go forward and get through whatever our life circumstance is at the moment.

I’m navigating the role of mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, native Rhode Islander, vegan, and court reporter who’s transitioned from freelance to full-time employee.  I worked for many years for the Deaf and hard of hearing community providing captioning in the classroom or at a meeting assembly.  Now I work for the judiciary, where it’s a system of justice with defendants accused of crimes.  My job sometimes entails murders, rapes, and assaults; along with larceny, breaking and entering, and drug crimes.  There’s monetary and civil matters too.  I write (using the stenograph machine) everything that is uttered on the record from the judges, the lawyers, and the witnesses on the stand.  I write as the witnesses recall the series of events that led to the crime, the case law from the attorneys and judges, as well as the selection of jurors.

During grueling emotional cases, I just hope that justice will be served, and then I engage in my self-care practices to help me process through it. I have a few immediate tools that I use:

Walking and getting outside definitely clears my head.

I’ll journal about it. Sometimes I surprise myself and I can quickly write out three pages of my thoughts and feelings uncensored.  Sometimes it’s only a page or so.  It depends on outside distractions or interruptions.

I’ll talk to my husband or a coworker.

I’ll listen to relaxing music or a guided meditation.

And I blog about my insights here.

I’d love to hear from you too! Let’s share our stories together.