Megan:  “Jen’s style of storytelling is captivating. Her posts make me smile and I can relate to so many of her stories.  She makes it clear that she’s an ordinary woman just like the rest of us, with a career, a family, and the many challenges that go along with modern life.  At the same time, she has a unique ability to highlight opportunities for self-care that we can all appreciate.

I have a tendency to think of self-care as a monumental project, but her blog makes it easier for me to think about self-care in a different way and find incremental ways to be kind to myself.

Thanks, Jen, for helping me find a new perspective!”

Tanya:  “Jen, thank you for sharing truly relatable examples. And helping us all to realize how we can incorporate mindfulness and self care into the moments of our daily lives.”

Mary:  “I enjoy reading your blog post.  Thanks for sharing a little of ‘your world’!”

Ellen:  “I love this. Simple and seemingly obvious, but there is such wisdom here.   I too am a work in progress – perhaps we all are.”

Jessica B:  “Awesome! Needed that exact message today!!”

Greg:  “Jen provides real life wisdom through her stories of daily life. She has inspired me to think time and again about my self care.  Her blogs are sprinkled with ideas and may have attributed to me taking a few more apple breaks than I otherwise would have.”

Susy D:  “Beautiful and inspiring, comforting and encouraging.”

Ann R:  “Just beautiful, the words and the message.”

A big heart-felt thank you to my readers.  If my blog posts inspire you, I’d love to know.  Let’s connect.