That Rhythmic Dance

I have shared my love of the skies
With my children
Just as my mother has to me.

It is a connection to the cycles,
To the phases.
A generation of past and future
All tracked by astronomers.
The regular rhythms and rotations.
The future can be predicted
With precision.

It goes unnoticed.
That beauty.
That light.
If not for my calendar
And my lunar yoga practices,
I may lose that connection.

Unaware of that rhythmic dance
Of the cosmos always happening
Hidden behind those clouds.
Beyond my human sight.
There is magic and certainty,
Mystery and always beauty.


Shadow and Light

To know what’s behind the shadow
I must stand in the light.
It may be uncomfortable
It may be out of my comfort zone.

It may feel out of sorts and confusing.
Only the light illuminates.
The truth can be too much,
Like too much sunlight without a shady spot.

The shadow is not always a scary corner.
A dark place can be healing.
A cozy cave, a reprieve from the spotlight.
A space to regain and meet myself again.

In the beginning, the womb was dark and was all I knew.
Then there was a bright light.
The world was born as I knew it.

Spring is nature’s green light.
A signal that we can go if we want.
We can emerge from the shadow into the light.

The days march on, allowing in that knowing sun.
The butterfly emerges from the chrysalis
Transformed in a safe cocoon
And the world was reborn into flight.

My feet touch the newly green grass
That has grown in that warm sunshine
And takes reprieve in the shadow of night
Knowing that the light will greet it once more.
And the greenery will grow
more lush and fresh
All due to the bright rays above.


The role of a lifetime

I used to feel FOMO
When I was at home
With a newborn
Watching everyone around me
Going about their lives,
Being productive,
Going on adventures,
Enjoying their freedom.

Little did I know that those
Tired newborn days
Was the most important role
I would ever play.

I was making sure my baby
Would thrive and have the best start.
And now I see the foundation was laid.

Not only are my daughters healthy,
They are loved and accepted
And given freedom to explore
And express who they are,
Who they want to be,
With unconditional 
Love and acceptance.

My role continues but has evolved.
Our nest is our cozy little home
Where they dream and play;
Where the yard is a center point,
A meeting place, a magical space.

And I marvel at their growth,
Proud and grateful to embody
This role I’m now in.

The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on

How do I get back into flow?
Is there a kink in the system?
Like a hose with a knot
The full force is slowed.

Not completely stopped,
But there is a definite blockage,
A detour.
And my resourcefulness gets turned on.

It lays dormant when life feels easy,
Downstream, and at one with the current.
Less debris
Less diverged channels.

Life has its interruptions.
Where the flow is now a trickle
Does that mean my journey is at its end?
Am I fixated on the muddy tracks of water,
The stagnant spots?

If I look closer, as the sediment has settled,
Things can be clear when I focus.
Sometimes rest, not resourcefulness,
Is in order.

To lie in the earth
To watch the clouds
To catch my breath
To feel rested and recharged, then I’m ready
To begin the journey again.


Awareness & Acceptance

It’s a practice to be aware of 
when I’m accepting and surrendering
And when I’m complaining,
Lost in the weeds and missing the big picture.

If I want to learn and grow,
I must practice.
The effort ushers in the
Gifts of growth.

When we master the practice,
We become the master of our lives.
No longer thrown about
Unchartered, untethered.

We chart the course of our lives.
We get an outlook on what’s ahead
While appreciating what we have right now.


Each day is a gift (II)

The earth is waking up.

The ground softens
And looks more bright.
Can I soften too?

Each day is a gift.
This body, this life.
It’s more than just to merely survive.

The season, 
The challenges
Come and go.

This body,
Like this earth,
Is a gift.

It provides more than
The instruments to just
Survive and get by.

As the ground softens,
The many shades of green
Surround my senses.

In delight and insight,

I can gift myself
With that same delight.


Full Moon in Libra

I am a Libra
Tonight the full moon is in the sign of Libra
The scales.
It is in my power to balance
And walk down the middle path.

It’s hard to see the middle
When you are acutely suffering.
All the tools get swept away
And become inaccessible.
Just reaching to grasp them
Seems like additional effort.

I am in a holding pattern.
Can I accept that this is my condition
And trust that answers are coming?
To rest a little more while I can?
The final slumber before action.

And it is my choice.
I am not just being thrown about
With the fury of the tide.
I can let go.
Trust that I won’t drown
While I wait for safer shores.

It can be scary
To surrender.
I plan on resting
Until I have some answers.

I will write.
I will be inspired.
I will move gently.
I will accept where I am
Patiently aware
That change is inevitable.

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Bird song,
The quiet of winter melts.
The cold grip that clung to the trees
Exhales at winter’s end.

I am wide awake to a yet
Unoccupied Spring
On the cusp,
The verge of new life.

The cycle begins.
The seeds of intention are planted.
I patiently wait to receive
The beauty,
The gifts.

I’m ready for what’s next,
Even while stepping into the unknown.

The blank page is my refuge (part 2)

The blank canvas
The blank page
The clutter-free desk
The cleared-off cooking space.

The beginning of something not yet created.
The infinite potential
The spark of creativity or action.
To create something
And fill up that space with something new
That never existed.

And that’s why I return 
again and again
to the page:
To a clean space,
To make/create something.

It is the meaning of life.
If we are all creative,
It’s the perfect medium to create.
I can set the tone of my day,
Which sets the tone of my
Creative, connected life.

On full moons,
I always have vivid dreams
And creative insight.
I capture it here.

The page holds all of my fears
And creative dreams.
It makes my creativity a reality.

It is a give and take.
A creative relationship
That I take action toward
And life works.

It works for me.
I feel light
And in a mastery of my life.