It’s still pretty dark out.
The morning commuters drive by
And then there are crickets.
That’s a metaphor for life.

It can be a whirlwind of noise and activity.
And it can also be quiet, and it’s welcomed 
And okay to embody that silence.
For it’s not a permanent feature of life.

The roller coaster of ups and downs
Hard work/effort and ease.
At times, starkingly different.

The downs can be thrilling too
Like a roller coaster.
The downs create the momentum 
To push us back up.
And once again, we’re on top of the world.

Court Reporting and Captioning

I am a court stenographer

I am a court stenographer. Stenographers and stenographic recording of testimony is vital and necessary to ensure our judicial system runs efficiently and fairly to all. During testimony, stenographers can instantly provide readback to the judge and parties and further aid juries during deliberations.

Whether to save money or because of so-called shortages, there has been electronic recorders coming onto the legal market calling themselves digital court reporters. I feel a more fitting name for digital recording is a court recorder or digital recorder.

Stenographers abide by a Professional Code of Ethics, which includes confidentiality along with professional conduct. Stenographers are the only ones responsible for maintaining the official record.

Digital recordings can be given to anyone. Oftentimes, there are several typists and others involved to produce one transcript. The confidentiality and ethics regarding typists and others can be called into question when many users have ready access to secure and confidential information.

Transcripts of digital recordings often contain “(Inaudible)” when the typist is unable to hear and type the audio. During trial testimony, stenographers can ask for clarity, if there is a background noise, a mumbling witness or overlapping speakers. If a witness nods their head, stenographers ask for a verbal response. The trial record is clear and maintained.

Stenographers are the gold standard and should not be confused or replaced with a digital recording. Digital recording is not state-of-the-art technology and can never compete with a stenographic record.

I am a court stenographer. I've had a rewarding career that has span two decades writing on my stenographic machine. I've helped provide communication access to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and have worked in the judiciary. I am proud of my accomplishments, the friendships I've made, and the future of stenographic reporting is here to stay.

Image by Steno[SWAG]



We seek fulfillment.
Our bodies take it all in.
We find nourishment	
In the foods we eat
And in the information
We consume.

We seek fulfillment
From the outside world,
Which can nourish.
It can hold.
It can bind.

We seek satiation
And satisfaction.
Taking from the earth
We feel filled up
And lifted up.

We can be held in each other’s arms.
Our own thoughts and prayers
Guide us on the path.

Our minds can bind us
To the truth
Or to one fixed view.

We take in and seek fulfillment
In a focused moment
Or a broader view.

It can feel hard if not impossible
To let go
What we’ve become accustomed to:
The same familiar foods,
Deeply held emotions and beliefs.

It can feel that we ourselves are also being consumed
If we can’t take care of each other
And be mindful of what is acceptable
And beneficial to consume.

Does it nourish?
It all becomes integrated and a part of our cells.

So let’s choose wisely.
Not just for a single fleeting moment
But all precious moments.
Fulfillment is possible.

Made of Stars

Each day is a gift
If we get off the rat race
Long enough to see.

That THIS is all there IS to be.

We can fight.
We can struggle.
We can wish it was different
Or deny what we see.
But it isn’t so.

This is what we got.
This is the stuff
The stars are made of.

We, too, are among the stars.
That in itself is a miracle.

Hassle Tassel

The freshly fallen snow
May just be a morning commute hassle.
Like a tassel that a cat toys with.
Batted and bounced around
Back and forth.
Pulled and shredded 
With differing sized strands.

One moment a cat’s delight.
Next, it’s so boring
That it’s cast aside.
No longer good enough
To keep a cat entertained.

A hassle is similar.  
It’s in our face.
We didn’t ask for it.
It feels like it’s happening to us
And now we’re confronted.

We can have our hand at it.
Try to control its frazzled edges,
Which we often do for a while.
Then the problem is solved.
The puzzle was put together
And it’s over and done with.

Not a big deal after all.
An annoyance really.
And we move on with our days.
Soon it is forgotten
Just like that cat toy.


My Inner Warning System

Why can’t I just be satisfied?
The happy, fulfilled factor is always a temporary state.
Once I receive my desired dream, 
shouldn’t I feel bliss all the time?
Pesky little irritations should have no power.

Is it selfish to do what I want, for a change?
Like a short gratitude yoga practice.
Can that be allowed?

Is there space for me, too?
And when I can’t find the space,
Exhaustion, overwhelm, irritability
And frustration take the helm.

Each one is a teacher,
A guide that I’ve forgotten to put myself first.
The groundwork has not been laid.
So, of course, I am easily thrown off course.

When you’re stuck in the weeds,
All you see is weeds.
There is no space for a higher perspective 
To see a clear pathway out.
The pause button is lost, too.

Oh, this is my inner warning system 
That I forgot to check in with myself today.

When I connect to myself,
Through journaling, yoga, or meditation,
I remember that I always have a choice
And that I am a work in progress.

I fall.  I get back up again.
I remember.  I forget.
And that’s okay, too.


Wings and a Prayer

Autumn mornings are quiet and dark.
There is no bird song, 
No early sun out my window.
Just the hum of taxying planes at the airport.

People start their workdays so early.
But they showed up
So we can all get to our destinations
And on with our day.

Another example of our interconnection.

And the small prayers, 
the anxious breath, 
the trust and faith.
All on the line.

A prayer for safety,
A prayer for the pilot and staff
Happening right outside my window
With each taxying plane.

The roaring, powerful jet engines
Remind me to breathe and meditate
And to send good journey vibes
To my fellow travelers in this life.


I am here. I am present.

When life gets complicated,
When there’s a distraction at every turn
And I feel overwhelmed,
Why add a further layer on top 
of an already full load?

I am here.  I am present.
That’s the only moment that counts.
I can embody that space.

I can feel love, connection, and gratitude
Only when I am in the present moment.

Sometimes I forget what’s so profound and simple.

But I am willing to learn and re-learn
To live this one precious life
In the present moment.


The Deciduous Tree (Part 3)

Do the leaves hold on to the tree’s branches 
or is it the tree’s own doing 
when it comes to ultimately letting go?

The leaves have completed their cycle.
They were the first buds and sign of spring
Opening into colorful blossoms.

The blossoms became the green or dark hues
Expressing the type of deciduous tree.
All shapes and shades of green expanding toward the sky.

Next there were the seeds.
The future generation of trees were expelled down.
Pinwheels of seeds helicoptered below
The descent to bring forth descendants.

Now that the seeds had done their work,
The tree could finally show its true colors.
The green transformed to bright oranges, reds and yellows.
My oldest calls them the color of the setting sun.

The strong autumn breezes help the trees
Shed their leaves.
And then they are bare,
Ready to brace the cold of winter.

No fragile blossoms to accidentally freeze.
Just the tree and its roots
Starkly standing in the white of snow.

Forever patient.
The cycle can’t be rushed or passed through
Because it is nature’s own timing
And the tree plays its part.

The deciduous tree reminds me
That all stages are important.
One is not more special than the other.

It is a seasonal reminder
That life’s moments are brief.
And there is beauty and a lesson to behold
If I just take nature’s cue.