The clear, cool barrier
Protects me from the outside world.
It provides shelter with a view.
The glass is hard on the knuckles.
But like all things,
It has a limit to what it can hold.
The barrier can be broken
With enough external force.

The window will not crack on its own.
Even a glass pan can withstand
Hundreds of degrees of heat.
Only when it contacts the opposite --
The abrupt and sudden cold -- will it shatter.

Glass is an insulator.
It holds heat and cold.
It cannot exist in both extremes simultaneously.

Yet, each day I find myself
In a pendulum swing between the two.
But I have not cracked.

Through mindfulness and peaceful presence,
I am aware of the extremes before I’m swept away.
I find my footing and breathe.
I am not as fragile as I used to be.

I am not trapped by the glass.
It is a tool at my disposal.
I reflect on the lessons
And remember I can open the window.

I can open the door and let the heat escape
Before it boils over.

The window may be a barrier,
But the view is all mine.


The heartbeat pulses in my ear.
The glowing orb emanates
Through my ears
And into the world.
A metronome
of tick and tock.
It speeds up with exertion.
My breath helps quicken
or soften its beats.

The sound of the tide
Turns over and over
Rushing in and out
From my throat to my nose.
I can constrict the flow
To create my own internal ocean.

I am silent
to all I encounter.
Still in peaceful presence
To the beats,
To the incoming tide,
To the moon in the sky,
that waxes and wanes
Its own everchanging journey.

The tide is in tune
and always heeds the call.
Distance does not hinder
the to and fro
of the metronome dance.


I marvel at the light

At winter solstice 
darkness dominates the days
And light seems
to fade shortly
after its arrival.
I marvel at the light.

At the sunrise
The neighbor’s chimney smoke
Graceful and floating
Like a dancer in the sky.

The sunset
that takes my breath away
And I linger to look
A little longer.
I marvel at the light.
Everything seems aglow
Orange and burning
Then quick pinks and purple
Gone in a flash.

Over and over again.
I marvel at the light.
I surprise myself
And take it all in.

Darkness may seem to
Envelope and surround.
And the bitter chill 
Nips at my nose.
The light that appears
is just a little bit brighter,
a little bit more alive.
I marvel at the light.

We take in the light
and create our own
Be it holiday lights
Or candlelight.
This little light 
I hold in my hand
It warms our hearts
Through and to
The brighter days ahead.
shared stories

Our stories bind us

Community is the thread that
Keeps humanity tethered.
It reminds us we are one.
We are not separate or alone.
Our struggle is not just ours
Alone to bear.

We all share this one blue, green planet.
And luckily we get to
Share the same day and year.
What troubles you
I have been there.

Although your story is 
Uniquely your own 
by your own experience
and senses,
I have felt that too
On my own life’s journey.

It can feel hard to open up
To share our struggles
Without fear of burdening another or
adding more to the stress 
of everyday life.

And when we put up blinders
Or put up a protective guard,
We become impenetrable to
Another’s suffering and
Inadvertently build walls of separation.

I want to know what lights you up.
What life lessons have you learned? 
What cherished memory do you want to remember?
What do you wish you could forget?
What do you wish you could hold on to 
And linger there for just a little longer?

Our stories bind us
And remind us
Of our common humanity:
Our fears, our woes,
Our aches, our loss, our love
Our ecstasy, our shame
Our joys and pain.

Our authentic truth
Must be shared.
The truth comes out eventually.
Why not share some common ground
And held space for one another?

Today can we be present and listen
Without agendas or distraction?
Our presence is the present
We give to each other
Each and every day.