I come from there (volume 2)

I come from there
With the spark of
Light, life and love.

The light that emanates
From my windows
And the voices that echo
Through the walls
With play and song.

The seasons come
And shape the landscape.
The house is warm, aglow
Or cool and dark.

The space we occupy
And call home
On this double lot
Of land with
Double driveways
And a large lawn for
Running feet
And space for the swing.

The hearth and place
For childhood memories,
Of love and stories
Made believe and real,
For connection
And friendship,
A gathering space
For family and friends.

The house may
Be small and
Feel confined
At times
Within these walls.

But love
Rules the day
As we read
Our bedtime stories
And share our
Nighttime rituals.
We kiss and hug
A love that lasts
More than space or time
Could ever endeavor.
And I, too, am aglow
Because I belong
And I proudly
Come from there.

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