I welcome and open to the mystery

The mystery of love:
How precious, rare,
Amazing and alive it feels
when it is reciprocated
and shared.

The mystery of the body:
The hormones, chemical compounds,
the tissues and organs.
Each unique and together
They manifest into the whole.

The mystery of creativity:
Where a word, thought or
prompt sparks the
Imagination and
I am writing again.

The mystery of
Modern technology:
How it is new and
novel terrain 
Yet ingrained into
Every day life.

The mystery of life:
A sudden arrival
without any effort
And the path of 
Potential that 
Each life holds.

The mystery of Earth:
How our planet came to
Be in the best position
To create and sustain life.

The mystery of watching
steam float up from
my coffee mug.
The mystery of the flame
Dancing atop my candle.
The mystery of the glow
in the darkest night.

And the mystery of my role
in it all.

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