Maybe I should have stayed in the meditation longer.
My stomach rises quickly 
snapping against my snug dress pants
as I breathe breath of fire.
I pause and take a break.

I look for the EASE.
I try to be gentle.
Maybe today is not my day
And that is okay.

Can I forgive myself 
For not being “great,”
For losing my momentum,
For my perceived act of giving up?

I can breathe
And offer myself the grace
I long to hear.
That it is okay.

Today is as it’s meant to be.
The mundane, gray days
Make the inspired days
Sparkle with brightness.

Can I find my inner light here too?

We can’t do everything.
One person’s mold or tools
Are not a one-size-fit-all.
And even though I know this to be true,
I find myself at 45
Adjusting and rearranging
To make it work for me

That is enough.
I show up and
Create my days to
Conform to me
And not compare
or judge myself.
I let myself off the hook
And that is enough.

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