In Winter we take it Inside

Nature is asleep.
The barren trees
A stark contrast
Against the sky.
What once blossomed
A forgotten memory.
What was jubilant 
And alive
Now quiet, small and dark.

I take the cue and
Bring it inside.
Even in winter
I wish to bloom
To continue to grow
In mind and spirit
To stay connected
And tap into my inner
And outer strength.

The plant on my window sill
Finds warmth and nourishment.
The bird’s wing takes flight
In search for what
I know not.
Its determined flight
Beats into the sky.
There is no respite
When on the hunt.

We hunt for 
Warmth and shelter.
We hunt for understanding
And being truly listened to
And seen.

We seek counsel
And acceptance.
In winter we take it inside.
The nature of the season
Demands it.
And I take the cue and bloom.

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