What are you a YES for?

I am a YES for 
Joyful movement
Creative momentum
Sharing my creative gifts
Finding creative pockets of time and space
Carving out time with my husband,
Our loving connection,
And supportive relationship.

I’m a YES for
Quiet, reflective mornings
And peaceful evenings 
Ending in gratitude.

I’m a YES for
Inspiration and insights,
Connecting to my inner wisdom,
Nature, immersed in the
Beauty of the outdoors.

I’m a YES for
Deeply listening and loving the kids
Being nourished and providing them
Nourishment and safety in mind and body.

I’m a YES for
The cycles of the moon and seasons
Rest, love, and family
Celebrating the wins
And feeling good.

I’m a YES for 
Fostering, maintaining
And making new friendships.

What are you a YES for?

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