We are all the same

I always seem to be carrying something in my right hand: a child, a totebag, my umbrella, my wheeled case for work.  You name it.  Yesterday I was walking back to the parking garage.  It was a very hot and humid day.  A scorcher.  Bright sun was beating down on my head with no breeze as a reprieve.  I was carrying my lunch bag in my left hand and pulling my wheeled case with my right.  I stopped and shifted.  I put my lunch bag onto my case, which freed up my left hand.

As I started to walk, my left arm naturally swayed forward and back as I took my steps. I noticed the young man in front of me.  His left hand was tucked in, close to his torso.  But his right arm was swinging, just like mine.  I looked ahead.  There was a woman walking towards me.  Her left arm also moved in a similar pattern.  Our paths crossed with our left arms silently swinging by.  The same.  Then I noticed a young child walking to keep up with his mother.  His little arm had a small sway too.

A deep feeling of connection swelled up inside of me. As human beings, we tend to walk upright.  Although we have our own unique gait, we have so much in common too.  We all have to eat food and drink water.  We all bleed when we get a cut.  Our bodies repair after an injury.  We all have the capacity for love, and we can all feel pain and suffering.

I felt powerful. The notion of what separates and categorizes us melted.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we worked together instead of focusing on what divides us?  I believe if we can take a moment to step out of our daily dramas and just notice our surroundings, real peace is possible.  If we can find peace within ourselves, we will find world peace.

One thought on “We are all the same

  1. I totally agree. It’s the simple aspects of humanity that unite us and that we often forget and take for granted. One day this week I was out walking my 5 mile loop. My planned path is sort of a big “u” shape where I walk one way then turn around and walk back. I passed another women walking the opposite way. We politely did the good morning nod and greeting to each other. On my return route, she was now behind me. I looked back and said hello again! I realized she was walking in a circular loop versus my “u” shaped one but she didn’t know this so she asked how she is now behind me? We walked with each other for a short time and introduced ourselves and talked about our walking patterns. So long story short, it was something as simple as walking that turned strangers into acquaintances. A simple human activity such as walking can unite people in a positive way. 🙂


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