Have Patience

Have Patience
I told myself
Over and over again.
I knew the advice was sound
But I was so impatient!

And lonely.  I was tired
And fed up with being alone,
of not finding a connection
of not finding “The One.”

Have Patience
As the old advice goes.
I thought I could rush the process
Get to the finish line
Without doing the necessary work.

What I didn’t know was
It was all divine timing.
Even though in the messy middle,
I couldn’t find the lifeline.
My desires seemed just out of reach.
I needed a helping hand, a boost.

It was a hard narrow space
And I felt stuck.
The vault to my heart
was locked and well-guarded.
I didn’t want to be vulnerable,
to be open to being hurt again.

What I now know is
Where there is vulnerability,
There is an opening,
A softening
to receive love.
There I will find strength.

If I can’t be vulnerable
With the one I love,
The relationship is not authentic.
The foundation is fragile and loose.

Once I found I could be vulnerable
With another, I found safety 
In letting down my guard
And it was strength, not a weakness.
That it was true connection,
True intimacy.
And I finally found my loving partner.


The trees have
Their own story to tell.
Their roots run deep,
Slow and powerful
Beyond what my eyes can perceive.

To their wisdom.
The ever silent witness
Present to the environment,
The changing seasons,
The years come and gone,
Steady and silent.

Touch the tree bark.
Its rough outer edge.
Can I be a witness
Without that hard exterior?
Can I be vulnerable,
Exposed to all the elements
And be just as slow and powerful?

Not hardened to the lessons
But provide a shelter, 
To nest and give respite
To the quiet integration;
To take nourishment,
To be held and to hold
All who pass and take shelter?

What emerges from the wisdom?
What tales do I want to share?

The trees have their own story to tell.
If I get still and quiet,
I can hear their wisdom.