What is abundance?

This morning after my yoga and meditation, I journaled on what abundance means to me.  It's the opposite of lack.  It's a belief in myself that I have everything I need, including the answers that I seek.  I'm taking an active role over the direction of my life.  It's more than goal setting and self-improvement.  It's a way of living a full, well-loved, well-lived life.  It's the trust and belief that it's all working for the highest good.  And abundance makes me feel safe, empowered and confident that what I intend will become my reality.

I'm currently in the Art of Abundance 31-day challenge with Yoga with Kassandra.  We set our affirmation and intention at the new moon.  This month the new moon is in Virgo, which happened on Labor Day, Monday, September 6.  It's been a very busy time at work and I'm trying to avoid burnout.  So with this in mind, my affirmation for the 31-day challenge is:  I believe in myself and my capabilities.  My intention is:  It's all getting done day by day when I set boundaries that protect my time.

I've done affirmation meditations in the past and new moon intentions.  What's great about this challenge is the repetitive nature and daily reminders of my affirmation and intention.  Time often seems to tick away with to-do's, work, chores, unexpected situations, you name it. And in those hectic days, it's easy to forget and lose sight of my current dreams and goals.

So this is my focus for this lunar cycle.  

What does abundance mean to you?  
Have you felt abundant before and what did it feel like?
Do you believe you deserve to embody the feeling of abundance?