Are obstacles just fears holding me back?

Obstacles can be my own worst fears,
An upward climb
Real or perceived.
My mind is already made up
Affirming that is the case
Before I can even take action.

My fears are the worst-case scenario
Already a done deal
And I’m closed off to options,
Another path or way,
Detoured from inspiration
And optimism.
The struggle feels real
And I’m stuck.

How do I make progress to overcome it?
Just going through the motions some days
My morning routine framework:
Getting out my yoga mat
Choosing a video and pressing play.
Leaving my journal open
With a pen at the ready.

Lacing up my sneakers to
Go outside for a walk.
Knowing that there’s always
One more thing to do
And being okay with what is.

Often it’s the first step that 
Creates the momentum.
My focus has shifted.
I’m more connected 
to my body and
not so stuck in the mind.

I can access that inspiration,
inner wisdom and confidence
that is always just under the surface.
If I look around me,
outside in nature
or just through the window,
I see the world is much bigger
than my fears.

The big blue spacious sky
has more than enough capacity
to contain and hold my fears
as well as my dreams.

I can temporarily 
give up the struggle
and trust that I, too, am held.
And that gives me strength
to carry on
with purpose and intention,
to feel the joy,
and appreciate the life lessons
as gifts to my future self.

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