The Window

To the untrained eye, a window
is merely an opening to the outside.
To the imaginative and creative,
the window can be a portal.
A conduit to worlds unseen
with the naked eye.

The worlds of dream state
of fantasy or memory.
Perhaps we rehash a situation
over and over.
Turning the events like the waves
in the ocean.

Do we embody the memory?
Can we change the circumstance
and outcome to what we wish
could’ve been
instead of what was?

Do we live lives not of the
mundane reality we may think we
find ourselves in
But to be a world traveler.
To explore caves, dunes,
other cultures’ food and language
without leaving the room we are in?

The window is an invitation
to look outside ourselves.
A reminder that our lives are
not contained in this body,
in this space.
But an opening to be more.
Become more, see more, love more.

The window provides a view into
the heart, the mind,
the shared world we all inhabit.
Our lives are not as small
as we might’ve thought.
It’s just not the full story
of the human experience.

The window may be bright with light
or dark with shadow and dim.
The window can be open
like our hearts
Or closed when we need solitude
and healing.

It is okay to be open or closed.
And to marvel at the beauty
inside and out.

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