The interconnected heart

The interconnected heart that beats in me is also fiercely beating in you. We are one even though I am here and you are there. We may be strangers in passing.

There is one breath that begins life. So too is there one beating sun that has created the perfect conditions for life.

The sunshine is in you and it is in me. We both eat food of this earth that also needed that sunshine to grow and manifest its true nature.

My nature is to be present, to smile and appreciate all the gifts in you that too must be in me.

We are one, don’t you see? Just as a tree is not alone on its journey from seedling to being fully expressed above our shoulders reaching to that sunshine.

There is a tree in me and I am in the tree. My ancestors and their fertile remains helped nourish the earth to create the perfect growing conditions.

They’re in this paper that I write to you. They are the components that make me just as they are in you too.

We may be strangers as we pass. But we’re more alike than any difference could ever exist.

Do you see the sunshine? Do you feel its warm rays? I am here and you are there. But I see and feel it too.

We are one, don’t you see?
No right or wrong.
No this way nor that way.

Just one.
One breath.
One sky.
One beating heart.

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