Seven ways of looking at a notebook

1- Blank smooth pages that drink up the ink. Smudges do not deter. Perfection has no place. Filled or empty, each page has a space and a place.

2- A clean slate. A beginning. A chance to start anew.

3- A Conduit. I connect to my inner wisdom, to inner truth, real or fiction, to my creativity, to you.

4- An alchemist. The notebook takes what is unreal and intangible and makes it real and tangible. My see my words take shape before my eyes.

5- The pages speak my story. My dreams. My words before they form full thought or belief. Just a spark before the utterance.

6- Patient. The notebook sits quietly on the bookshelf, on the desk or tucked inside my bag. Waiting for me. Never rushing or demanding.

7- Healing. Therapy on the page. For my eyes only as I grapple with, dissect, explore, express or create. It is mine alone.

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