I’ve been writing morning pages 
for seven months now
with no missed days.
The page was always there 
in my notebook
Just patiently waiting 
until I was ready to commit.

Imagine all the things 
that lie dormant and in wait.
Waiting for motion,
Waiting for something bigger,
Waiting for the right time,
And redone.
Just waiting.

And I always held the key
Even if I forgot
Or temporarily lost it.

Once found, I used the door
To the page
And found myself waiting.
To be great,
To heal,
To creatively express
And be an authentic version of myself.

And that is why I show up
Again and again
For myself
Because I’m the only one who can.


The Placeholder

A week ago my favorite radio channel was sold. I had listened to WBRU since I was a teenager.  Every car I ever owned had 95.5 as a preset.  Now I didn’t dare to press it for fear of hearing the contemporary Christian station that bought it.

Yesterday I was tuning my radio to see what other channels are out there. I had become accustomed to my six presets that it had been many years since I last checked.  I found a station playing Bob Marley.  I immediately set the preset.  As I continued on my commute to work, my newfound station seemed to fade.  There was no static, just silence.

Today I realized that I don’t have to fill the void WBRU left immediately. That silent channel can be a placeholder while I wait to find a new radio station that resonates with me.  And if I press it accidentally, I no longer have to worry about feeling sad or angry that my favorite 95.5 WBRU is no longer there.  In the meantime, I can continue to listen around and expand my listening repertoire.

Sometimes we get complacent or we feel stuck in a rut. And an outside force removes us from our comfort zone.  Today I’m going to keep an open mind and use this placeholder as an opportunity to expand my listening horizon and see what else is out there.