I am here. I am present.

When life gets complicated,
When there’s a distraction at every turn
And I feel overwhelmed,
Why add a further layer on top 
of an already full load?

I am here.  I am present.
That’s the only moment that counts.
I can embody that space.

I can feel love, connection, and gratitude
Only when I am in the present moment.

Sometimes I forget what’s so profound and simple.

But I am willing to learn and re-learn
To live this one precious life
In the present moment.



This is what you’ve been waiting for.
All that striving and attaining
And you almost missed it.
Head buried in books
Or neck hung low to read the hand-held screen.

Not the agenda or self-imposed schedule
Not the to-do's and have to’s
Or social media frenzy.

All that planning for a future not yet unfolded
Lost in stories real or imagined
Fantasies of what you should have or would have done.
And you almost missed it.

This moment is fleeting.
This moment is precious.
You cannot buy back, will it, or plan for it ever again.
This moment is all you’ve got.
Do not lose sight of THIS.

Even if you have to be reminded
Again and again,
This is all that truly matters.
Though it will be gone in a moment,
It is yours to hold and embody.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.
This moment.
This is your one precious life.