The role of a lifetime

I used to feel FOMO
When I was at home
With a newborn
Watching everyone around me
Going about their lives,
Being productive,
Going on adventures,
Enjoying their freedom.

Little did I know that those
Tired newborn days
Was the most important role
I would ever play.

I was making sure my baby
Would thrive and have the best start.
And now I see the foundation was laid.

Not only are my daughters healthy,
They are loved and accepted
And given freedom to explore
And express who they are,
Who they want to be,
With unconditional 
Love and acceptance.

My role continues but has evolved.
Our nest is our cozy little home
Where they dream and play;
Where the yard is a center point,
A meeting place, a magical space.

And I marvel at their growth,
Proud and grateful to embody
This role I’m now in.