The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on

How do I get back into flow?
Is there a kink in the system?
Like a hose with a knot
The full force is slowed.

Not completely stopped,
But there is a definite blockage,
A detour.
And my resourcefulness gets turned on.

It lays dormant when life feels easy,
Downstream, and at one with the current.
Less debris
Less diverged channels.

Life has its interruptions.
Where the flow is now a trickle
Does that mean my journey is at its end?
Am I fixated on the muddy tracks of water,
The stagnant spots?

If I look closer, as the sediment has settled,
Things can be clear when I focus.
Sometimes rest, not resourcefulness,
Is in order.

To lie in the earth
To watch the clouds
To catch my breath
To feel rested and recharged, then I’m ready
To begin the journey again.