That Rhythmic Dance

I have shared my love of the skies
With my children
Just as my mother has to me.

It is a connection to the cycles,
To the phases.
A generation of past and future
All tracked by astronomers.
The regular rhythms and rotations.
The future can be predicted
With precision.

It goes unnoticed.
That beauty.
That light.
If not for my calendar
And my lunar yoga practices,
I may lose that connection.

Unaware of that rhythmic dance
Of the cosmos always happening
Hidden behind those clouds.
Beyond my human sight.
There is magic and certainty,
Mystery and always beauty.


In the Whole Scheme of the Cosmos

As we head toward the Equinox,
The sun greets me a little later each passing day.
I imagine the sun trying to peek over the horizon.

The earth spins and rotates
And has its own cycles and rhythms.
We try to make sense of it all
And plan our lives around the earth.

It takes a whole year for the earth to cycle the sun.
So, on this day, the earth was exactly on this particular orbit.
That’s how the planets and stars align
At those rare times that astronomers keep track of.

There’s always something going on in the sky,
Even the minute.
It’s all fascinating
And often goes unnoticed.

When we’re so self-absorbed in our own lives,
Surviving, working, 
Our issues and problems feel so monumental.

But when you look up at the sky,
Those issues and problems somehow feel smaller
In the whole scheme of the cosmos.